Emergency Appointments

When you need a dentist, you really need them!

We have emergency appointment slots available Monday-Friday from 12 noon to 1 pm.

If you require one of these, please call and arrange an appointment. We encourage patients to attend these emergency slots. If you unable to make these slots then we will attempt to accommodate you, but may not be able to see you as soon as you wish.

Fees for emergency appointments

We have different fees depending on your practice membership.

For Abbots Oak Care Plan members, emergency appointments are free, and this can include temporary or repair fillings, medications and some denture repairs. Definitive fillings and other treatments like extractions will incur a fee at the usual discounted rate.

Children are seen on the NHS, so their emergency appointments are free.

Pay as you go patients are charged an emergency fee and this may include temporary or repair fillings. Definitive treatments may be charged in addition.

Unregistered (casual) patients are charged a premium fee in advance. The aim of these appointments is to give relief from pain or address the primary complaint. Additional fees may be incurred for complex cases.

Current Fees

Care Plans Patients - FREE
Registered patients - £75
Non-registered patients - £150

Contact Details

Phone Number: 01530 510783